The main benefits of the mediation process are to move the situation forward and to generate solutions that work!

Mediation is essentially a facilitated discussion with the intent of creating agreements that will work for the people involved.

The mediation process begins by identifying the needs of the parties and to generate mutual understanding. Finally the process spirals upwards to create better solutions for everyone.

Mediation offers the parties a peaceful way to build understanding and an opportunity to communicate in a positive environment.

The following are some of the benefits and reasons why the mediation process is used:


  • Maintains relationships – A goal of mediation is to address the concerns and needs of everyone involved which help to maintain the relationships.
  • Alternative to Court – It is an alternative to going to through the court system which is often costly, lengthy and stressful. Mediation is a great way to settle a dispute before you invest significant amounts money and other resources in litigation.
  • Saves time and money – Research has shown that mediation is more often efficient – both in time and in costs.
  • Satisfaction and Success Research has also shown that most cases settle in mediation and that people who use mediation are usually satisfied.

Mediation is accessible and depending on the situation, sessions can be conducted online, on the telephone or face to face. The intent of the mediation process is to create solutions that work for all the people involved.

So if you or someone you know need some assistance to resolve a dispute or if you are curious about the mediation process then why not contact Gillian and learn a bit more about it?

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