Collaborative Governance

Collaborative governance is a type of process that ensures that those people who have interest in a public policy issue are directly involved in a way which allows for them to provide input and recommendations. The typical participants in a collaborative governance...

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Online Mediation for Fast and Affordable Solutions

What is it? Online mediation is a specific type of mediation that uses computers, email, and internet technology to conduct the mediation sessions.   Why use it? Recent research in the alternate dispute resolution field has stated that there will always be certain...

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The Mediation Process Upward Spiral

The main benefits of the mediation process are to move the situation forward and to generate solutions that work! Mediation is essentially a facilitated discussion with the intent of creating agreements that will work for the people involved. The mediation process...

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Civil Mediation an Alternative to Court

Civil mediation is an informal private way to settle a dispute without having to go to court! Most of use experience conflict at some point in our daily lives. When this happens mediation helps to identify what we need and how to find solutions that work. Civil...

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Why mediation works for First Nations

Mediation can provide a rich opportunity for First Nations to address community issues related to governance, land, and resources as well as social and cultural issues. In addition, the mediation process typically provides opportunities to build respect and enhance...

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The Use of Mediation in Government

These days it is important for governments to have flexible and accessible ways to resolve conflict as part of doing"normal business". The explicit use of government mediation has proven beneficial for all levels of government. A qualified mediator offers their...

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Solutions for the Benefit of All

A critical step in the mediation process is to explore options and find solutions to the conflict or dispute. The possible solutions depend on how the mediator and the participants approach this step of the process.  Further, I have noticed that there are parallels...

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