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Consultation & Bookings
Please contact Gillian for the following:

  • to answer any questions,
  • to discuss a project or contract, or
  • to book a mediation session.
Mediation Costs

The fee is $125 per hour plus taxes for mediation (telephone, online or in person). There is a minimum of 2 hours billed.

This rate includes expenses with the exception of travel and telephone which are determined based on the situation.

Payment Process
All meditations will be billed the minimum prior to the mediation and any further fees at the time of the sessions. Fees and obligation will be outlined and signed by all parties in the agreement to mediate before the session begins.
Please contact Gillian for payment options.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of a mediation must occur 48 hours prior to the mediation or as mutually agreed upon. A $100 deposit fee will be retained and the balance of the fees paid returned promptly.
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