What is mediation?

Mediation is essentially an informal problem solving process where the mediator facilitates the discussion between parties with the intent of creating agreements that will work for the parties involved.
A collaborative approach takes the parties beyond the past disagreements towards the resolution of issues today and maintaining relationships for the future.

Mediation Benefits

  • Alternatives to Court – It is an alternative to going through the court system which is often costly, time consuming and stressful.
  • Maintain Relationships – Conflicts and disputes are part of everyday life. Mediation works to maintain relationships and to and seek solutions.
  • Save Money & Time – The agreements reached at mediation usually take less time and are cost effective. The parties are often interested in resolution versus the alternative of legal bills and a lengthy court process.
  • Satisfaction & Success – Many typical disputes faced by individuals, groups and governments are good candidates for resolution by facilitation or mediation. The parties are usually more satisfied with the solutions and carry out the required actions as they have been mutually agreed upon.

Who uses civil mediation?

Civil mediation is can be used by anyone who is willing to engage in discussions to explore possible solutions. The range of people who use mediation is diverse.
Civil mediation is used by individuals, businesses, couples, families, community groups, and organizations in all kinds of situations.

Types of Civil Mediation Cases

The typical type of mediation cases relate to people who are in a dispute or who are experiencing some form of conflict.
The topics address during civil mediation are limitless and often involve issues such as the following:

  • family matters such as separation, divorce, wills and estates,
  • financial matters, contracts, and agreements,
  • construction, renovations and repairs,
  • housing and real estate,
  • vehicle sales and repairs,
  • work place and employment issues,
  • community and neighbourhood issues, and
  • court ordered civil mediation.

Mediation Process

Civil mediation is an informal and private way to settle a dispute without going to court!

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