Civil mediation is an informal private way to settle a dispute without having to go to court!

Most of use experience conflict at some point in our daily lives. When this happens mediation helps to identify what we need and how to find solutions that work.
Civil mediation involves individuals, families, businesses, or organizations who are in a dispute or experiencing some form of conflict.
The types of civil mediation topics are limitless and often involve issues such as the following:
  • family matters (separation, divorce, wills, estates),
  • construction and renovations,
  • financial matters, agreement and contracts,
  • housing and real estate,
  • vehicle sales and repairs,
  • shareholder decisions,
  • workplace and employment issues,
  • community and neighbourhood issues, and
  • court ordered civil issues.
Research has shown that even court ordered mediations which are mandatory most of the cases settle and the people are usually satisfied.
Civil mediation works because it usually involves people that we already know and have some form of relationship with. Also the solutions reached at mediation are usually carried out because the agreement was generated by the people themselves instead of being imposed on them by someone else.
One of the main benefits of civil mediation is that it helps to maintain the relationships with the people that we have contact with or do business with.
So next time you or someone you know has a conflict or is considering going to court, then why not give mediation at try?
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